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We are pleased you dropped by for a visit to learn more about this proposal.  The Montgomery Place project includes a new 103,000 SF Medical Office Building to serve the healthcare needs of the community.  It also contains a Senior Care facility, which is currently an under represented sector in San Jose compared to need based on expected demographic projections now and in coming years.  Originally, our application for this site was submitted in 2017, however after much community input received in 2018, we re-designed our plans.   Please review the plan and information and when you are done, feel welcome to contact us if you need more information or have questions.

Timeline Overview

2017            Zoning application submitted

2018            Large-scale Community Meeting with design team,

                        Councilmembers, multiple city department staff, 

                        and SJECCD representatives held to collect community


                        Additional Outreach Meetings

 Developer updated plan

2019            Updated zoning application submitted

                        Outreach meetings – ONGOING

                        Project zoning approval (expected)

Where is The Montgomery Place located?

Satellite view of Site

The Montgomery Place is located on approximately 13.6 acres located at the southeast corner of San Felipe and Paseo de Arboles.  It is west of the EVC campus; north of the existing Evergreen Market Place shopping center, (the adjacent SJECCD leasehold built approximately 20 years ago), east of San Felipe Road; and south of Paseo de Arboles.  The site currently contains the former SJECCD Administrative offices and law enforcement training facility, vacated some years ago.

Project Components

The proposal changes the zoning from residential to allow for commercial uses including:

  • 103,000 SF  Medical Office
    • 3-stories
    • 4  parking spaces per 1000 SF required
  • 175-unit Senior Facility
    • 100% Commercial facility
    • Includes Assisted and Memory Care
    • 1 parking space per first 6 client beds, plus 1 additional space for up to 4 client beds, plus 1 space for each employee required
  • 580 Parking spaces
  • Community amenities
    • Connections to surrounding areas
    • Internal paths
    • Tot lots
    • General exercise space
    • Senior outdoor exercise space
    • Gathering plaza

The project will provide a much-needed state-of-the-art Class A Medical Office space in the Evergreen community. There is a current unmet demand for this type of space (per Cushman & Wakefield market-data) for the Evergreen area.  Our population has grown through the years, healthcare is continuing to change, and medical spaces are needed to catch up with the increasing demand for services. 

The senior facility will help seniors looking for more support in their daily routine.  Depending on their needs, they may be seeking daily meal service, housekeeping assistance, on-site nursing, a 24-hour emergency call button, centralized transportation, social programs, bathing or dressing assistance, medicine management, and more.  The wave of Baby Boomers is continuing to age, and a large group 65+ is coming in the next five years. Even now, however, San Jose – the 10th largest city in the nation – is considered vastly underserved in its senior facility sector.


While a few new facilities are underway, they will not satisfy the “The Silver Tsunami,” as it is referred to in the senior industry, that is here now trying to catch up to demand.  The State of California projects that Santa Clara County will be in the highest percentage of growth (203%)  in the senior category from 2010 to 2060.  Additionally, seniors make for great neighbors!

What is the General Plan designation of the site?

The site is designated Neighborhood / Community Commercial.  This designation supports a very broad range of commercial activity, including commercial uses that serve the communities in neighboring areas, such as neighborhood serving retail and services and commercial / professional office development. 

Neighborhood / Community Commercial uses typically have a strong connection to and provide services and amenities for the nearby community and should be designed to promote that connection with  an appropriate urban form that supports walking, transit use, and public interaction.  General office uses, hospitals and private community gathering facilities are also allowed in this designation.

What is the current zoning designation?

Currently, the zoning of the property is R1-5.  This zoning is for residential uses.  We are applying to change the zoning to be consistent with its Neighborhood Community Commercial GP designation.  This will allow us to move forward with development of a medical office building and senior facility, consistent with the General Plan for the land.

What is the anticipated timeline for the project?

The zoning approval process is long and takes many months. We are in the early stages of the review process and expect to receive project approval in late 2019. There are additional stages of review to follow which include a closer look at the project design.

What are the Community benefits?

1. San Jose Evergreen Community College and its Students

The concept is to generate long-term revenue to support the San Jose Evergreen Community College District, just like the adjacent, well-used Evergreen Marketplace retail center has provided over almost two decades.  Additionally, due to the proposed medical office and senior care uses, there is an opportunity to collaborate with academic programs at Evergreen Valley College for internships and other partnerships, including programs like Allied Health, Medical Assistant, Accounting, Computer Information Technology, and Spanish Translation and Interpreting, among others. We expect there to be great synergy between the campus, the senior facility, and the medical building. The project will benefit San Jose students pursuing a college education and living-wage career.

2. Proposed project Zoning is consistent with the General Plan

The land use designation for the entire 27-acres is “Neighborhood/Community Commercial.” This supports a very broad range of commercial activities including medical office and senior care commercial facilities.  The zoning submittal allows for orderly development, consistent with the General Plan.  The proposed project will promote a strong connection to the Evergreen community and provides services and amenities designed to promote walking and biking with strong ties to the surrounding Fowler Creek and Montgomery Park.

3. Jobs benefit the community

Employment in the healthcare sector has risen continuously over the last two decades and the medical and senior facility will create many new jobs consistent with the goals of San Jose’s General Plan 2040. Additionally, new construction jobs will be filled when project build-out commences.

4. Medical uses benefit the community

The project offers the opportunity to bring forth state-of-the-art medical services right here in Evergreen.  Access to healthcare is an important element of any community.

5. Senior uses benefit the community

The need for senior care facilities to serve the burgeoning needs of our aging population is important to the balance and well-being of our community.

6. New property and utility taxes benefit the community

Once the commercial project is up and running, new property and utility taxes will roll into public coffers. In its current form and use, no taxes are currently generated.


Community Input Workshop

We convened a Community Workshop in February 2018 to collect input for the site proposal. This workshop was well-attended by community members, who gave much time and effort providing their thoughts and input at several different stations. The workshop also benefited from the active leadership and collaboration of City Councilmember Sylvia Arenas, Evergreen Valley College President Keith Aytch, members of the SJECCD Board of Trustees. The workshop was conducted under the guidance of San Jose Planning Director Rosalynn Hughey and many top members of the Planning and Public Works staff.

President of Evergreen Valley College, Keith Aytch, presenting to community members

We listened carefully to the input collected from members of the community and did our best to interpret sometimes divergent viewpoints.  We wish to thank all those dedicated Evergreen residents who offered their input that day. Here are some ways we’ve listened, learned what’s important to the Evergreen community, and how we aim to address that input:

  • Keep height away from the street: Buildings are set back from the street. Stepped and curved medical office building provides a varied façade from San Felipe and Paseo de Arboles.
  • Make the project walkable and bikeable: We have designed the uses carefully to ensure opportunities exist to connect the site to its

    surrounding uses to be a walkable and bikeable destination. We have added a new east-to-west path within our project to connect the existing well-worn paths leading to the adjacent college campus, as well as two new north-to-south paths linking to the adjacent retail, trail, and sidewalk systems.
  • Screen parking where possible: We have worked to screen parking as best we can relocating parking areas, as well as utilizing the positioning of buildings, trees, and hedges.
  • Make the character feel like Evergreen: One of the best features about Evergreen is its connection to the natural environment including the foothills, creeks, and its rich agricultural heritage. The master plan hearkens to this green, landscaped feel. We have worked to keep existing oak and cedar trees where possible and added many more trees and landscaping.
  • Desire for community amenities (garden, playground, gathering spaces): Typically, neighborhood commercial projects do not provide community amenities. However, we have made an effort to build-in amenities within the plan that are friendly for users within a range of ages.  We have added internal trails through the project, connections to its surrounding uses as described earlier, a gathering plaza, two new tot lots, a specialized senior exercise area, and a general exercise area.
    Residents participating at Community Workshop station

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We believe that the medical office and senior care facilities will be convenient and well-utilized by the community.  The project offers the opportunity for great synergy to be forged with the local community and the adjacent Evergreen Valley College programs, staff, and students.  Friends, neighbors, and maybe even you or your family members can seek care, employment, or maybe participate in an internship or training program there.

By listening to input from the community, we have worked to make it a better, more responsive project.  Most of all, we are pleased that the project will benefit the San Jose Evergreen Community College District’s students on a continuing basis.  We have aimed to make the project a place that is visited for the services it will provide, as well as offer a spot for community enjoyment.  We hope you can see the level of attention and care that has gone into the creation of this plan.

Thank you for your review of our project!

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